Sharing Love and Light

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Welcome! I have created this site to take part in Sharing love and light. As cheesy as it sounds, it’s true. Right now we are at a great time of awakening and opening our hearts.  We are reconnecting with each other. We are awakening to the truth of oneness. We are realizing the importance of opening our hearts, healing ourselves and mother earth. Each day we are using the web to connect with each other and our community of love and light is growing.

I will be adding and updating material in sharing ways of self-healing. As well I will be sharing stories of my journey to connect and grow with you. We are all growing together. Much of my growth has happen through the wisdom and teachings of others. Followed through with dedication to expanding myself by looking within; I am sharing recycled knowledge from my own perspective. I will be sharing the teachings and methods that resonate with me, in hopes to share something that may be helpful or useful for you.     

We are all on an incredible journey of life.  Connecting to each other and helping one another grow is one of the greatest gifts we can offer.

Love is the best medicine.